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What is Content Syndication?
Who benefits from Content Syndication?

Content syndication is taking the web industry by storm. Whereas before, the process of updating and maintaining information was costly and time-consuming, any updates you make in your marketing communications and web information can now be instantly distributed to a variety of channels, ensuring that your information will never be out of date again. Content syndication works in conjunction with Webtrends Analytics, a digital marketing solution that allows you to monitor user and customer behaviour in real-time.

In addition to being the most efficient and effective way to reach your target market, it allows you to always maintain full control over your content. DCM Services offers 3 types of content syndication: Website syndication, Webshop syndication and Multiplatform syndication.

Content Syndication offers opportunities for a variety of industries, ranging from government, the private sector, and healthcare providers to publishing companies and interest groups. DCM Services’ Live!Syndication is designed to distribute your content to a wide audience and/or through a wide range of communication channels. The information you distribute might range from product details, news and updates to public service announcements.

Your message on your business partners’ websites
Website syndication
Website syndication is the ultimate marketing and communications tool, allowing you to easily integrate your product information or message on your dealers’ or resellers’ websites. With a single mouse click, you can provide them with reliable real-time information, updates, details about special offers, and news. View the demo to discover the benefits.
Create an additional sales outlet for your product – in just 1 minute
Webshop syndication
You'll be able to integrate your webshop into your dealers’ websites. In addition to extending your sales channel, this will allow your dealers to offer their customers a webshop customised to match their corporate branding, at no additional charge. Efficient and easy to implement, it benefits both parties and provides your customers with an additional online resource.
Get your message to your audience today!
Multiplatform channel syndication
Connect online with your target market or audience, effectively and without needing to worry whether they’ll be able to locate you. A single source provides you with access to all modern communication tools, such as iPhone, Twitter, texting, PDF and Adobe Flash.